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So…what about no snow in MN? We gardeners think we need lots of snow for spring plants to prosper…however, the run-off from the snow is actually more of a flood danger rather than helping with the moisture level. The ground is frozen and will accept very little of the water as it runs along its path. What gardeners will be praying for is an early spring rain…Now is the time to go out and do some of that winter pruning of trees and shrubs. You can see where the limbs are crossed and where the branches are too close together…trees needs to have some space for the air to whistle through and that also helps the undergrowth. The health of your trees depends upon you. It is easier to care for trees than to take an old one down and wait for the time for it to grow up into a healthy addition to your landscape.

Well, in my little corner of the world…MN…Richfield…we are now considered Zone 5…however, I’m not fooled! Mother Nature has a way of playing games with us. Yes, I have planted a few Zone 5 plants in the past and they have survived for a few years and then have perished in the winter’s harsh winds. I am going to continue to purchase Zone 3 and perhaps go as far as Zone 4 for my Gentle Garden clients…after all I don’t want them to be disappointed. The issue is time, especially for trees and shrubs. It takes several years for a tree to be a real asset to the landscaping…imagine waiting for it to be the specimen tree you were always looking for and then have to supersize it’s winter protection year after year. It’s hard work, wrapping and mulching and etc. So, my theory, plant Zone 5 perennials and stick to hardy Zone 3 for the trees and shrubs. Happy Gardening, Gentle Gardeners!

Gentle Gardeners…be in touch, look around you, see the sapphire blue of sky, the green shades of trees, the clean hardness of rocks. Open your eyes wide to see that the world as a living poem. Enjoy the timeless embrace of a sunset, the smell of a flower, the labor of planting a tree, the sadness of losing a beloved pet, the graceful lift of the eagle as she soars high above, sit with the hawk on the lamp post, behold life with wonder and reverence, honor the mysterious, be a part of the beautiful poem.

Earth Day on Friday. Simple things you can do to protect the Earth. Put on a sweater. Walk or ride a bike. Recycle an object to a second life. Watch what you are throwing away-protect the water supplies. Take your carrying bags to Every store. Use a reusable water bottle and fill it up. Turn off the electric lights-dark is smoothing. Plant a tree, good for the air you’re breathing. Get off mailing lists. Give to charities that support endangered and threatened species and preserve their habitats.

Adding a Lasagna Garden under trees means limiting the depth of the material to prevent smothering the tree roots. Lay out the design with a garden hose and adjust to a pleasing sight.