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  So, the Bear says, “Is this all there is?” I want a snow-storm where the windows are all covered…you know where I can then go and lay on the couch… See, much better. smile. But, you know we Great Pyrenees are made for the snow…


Feb. 29, 2012 No Comments Posted under: Birds, News

Snow, rain, ice on the trees…beautiful pictures…no electricity so time to watch the birds and other life; including Sugar Bear enjoy this MN morning. Be safe on sidewalks and side streets and in dark houses…

When I walk Sugar Bear, our Great Pyrenees, many children will say she looks like a polar bear. Adults will often make that comment too. You can almost see Sugar Bear laughing. She loves to be with people…they bring her much joy. She is a hit at group homes and care centers…especially if the residences can feed her popcorn. However, afterwards, she looks at her supper bowl and then at me…like “Hey, you short changed me today…it was only popcorn!” Little does she understand that thin if better than being overweight…too much for that big body to carry around.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful dog than our Sugar Bear? Smile. Gentle Gardens has a Gentle Giant. That’s what the Great Pyrenees Dogs are called. They are wonderful family dogs and are very loyal. The Great Pyrenees is very even-tempered and loves attention, especially from children. Sugar Bear has many Great Pyrenees friends that need adopting. Could you consider a Sugar Bear at your house…yes, they are big dogs, but we are big hearted people. Go to these sites and look at these beautiful animals. northstargreatprys.com, nationalpyr.org, milkandhoneyfarm.com

Sugar Bear is a show stopper when we take her out to the lake…not only do people love to pet her, but she loves to see people, she leans on them and looks up into their eyes…she’s a real blessing to all who stop to greet her. (We love it too!)