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Jan. 19, 2015 No Comments Posted under: Gardening Tips

Weeds…what are those. Smile. Even those great Europeon gardens that have full time gardeners have weeds…we can get ride of them with a few simple tactics. In a garden with few weeds the beds and borders are maintained with a little and often approach. Another way to stay on the right side of the weeds […]

Well, in my little corner of the world…MN…Richfield…we are now considered Zone 5…however, I’m not fooled! Mother Nature has a way of playing games with us. Yes, I have planted a few Zone 5 plants in the past and they have survived for a few years and then have perished in the winter’s harsh winds. I am going to continue to purchase Zone 3 and perhaps go as far as Zone 4 for my Gentle Garden clients…after all I don’t want them to be disappointed. The issue is time, especially for trees and shrubs. It takes several years for a tree to be a real asset to the landscaping…imagine waiting for it to be the specimen tree you were always looking for and then have to supersize it’s winter protection year after year. It’s hard work, wrapping and mulching and etc. So, my theory, plant Zone 5 perennials and stick to hardy Zone 3 for the trees and shrubs. Happy Gardening, Gentle Gardeners!


Jan. 10, 2012 No Comments Posted under: Gardening Tips

Well, it is possible. With no snow, you can still add mulch to your perennials. It’s a little scary in MN…no snow on January 10 and it is 50 degrees? Rake so leaves…undo the saved bags, buy some straw or bales grasses…protect from the winter that is coming…?

Forecast: Heat index in triple digits all week long! Gentle Garden’s takes it easy…water, water, and more water! Healthy plants need special attention during this time. Trees need protection from heat burn on their bark if recently pruned, or planted this year; they need adequate water and monitoring…sometimes a stressed tree doesn’t show up for two years, and by them if is often too late to save them. Pull weeds as they compete for the moisture, stay out of the garden as much as possible as the plants are quite brittle and can’t tolerate much handling. Use highest setting on the mower if you must mow…protect vegetables from the sun with made up shade, (burlap, newspapers). Also, protect yourself…drink water, don’t be alone in this heat, carry a cell phone, wear a hat, all the advice you give your children…AND protect your animals…keep the bird baths clean and full of fresh water, remember too, a dog’s feet will burn on a hot sidewalk! Love you, Gentle Gardeners!