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Science has shown time and time again that you can help protect the health of your heart by exercising regularly, eating right, losing weight, not smoking and keeping blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar at healthy levels. And researchers study more ways to reduce the risk of heart disease. Three recent findings: Avoid yo-yo dieting. […]

Strengthen and protect your body’s most important muscle.  Heart disease – a name for the dangerous buildup of plaque in your arteries that could lead to an attack or stroke can be less of a risk by learning what those risks are and doing something about them!  “Heart attack is not just a man’s deal…it […]

Healthy heart muscles are products of good nutrition…how we eat, when we eat, what’s going on in our lives of eating. Example… (hiding snacks, skipping meals & then stuffing, stressful eating, and munching). Do your heart a favor and redirect your nutrition into a love relationship vs one that takes you to heart attacks or strokes. PS Planting vegetables in Gentle Gardens is a real plus. We’d love to help you do that…gentlegardens@ gmail.com.

The same healthy habits that help protect your heart may also reduce your risk of stroke. Here is the criteria for a healthy lifestyle: Do not Smoke. Keep your body mass index (BMI) less than 25, (the definition of not being over-weight). Do moderate to vigorous exercise at least 30 minutes daily. Consume only 1/2 to 1 drink of alcohol daily for women, up to 2 drinks daily for men. Eat a healthy diet, defined as a high intake of fruits, vegetables, cereal fiber, chicken, fish, nuts and legumes; monitor you intake of trans fats and saturated fats and keep the intake low; take a multivitamin. Gentle Gardens also recommends taking a food supplement product called BiosLifeSlim(R)…always consult your primary care doctor. Go to completehearthealth.com for more information.

Take care of your ticker. Exercise, watch for high blood pressure, keep a healthy diet, stop smoking, have a weight management plan to keep the tummy fat slim and enjoy life and gardening…Happy work-outs in the garden. Gentle Gardens.

Pomegranate Power for Healthy Hearts.

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