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Want a real Valentine, one that keeps on giving, for a life time of love and tail wagging and kisses…go to milkandhoneyfarm and find a Great Pyrenees puppy. They are a “forever gentle giant” who will love you unconditionally…just saying.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful dog than our Sugar Bear? Smile. Gentle Gardens has a Gentle Giant. That’s what the Great Pyrenees Dogs are called. They are wonderful family dogs and are very loyal. The Great Pyrenees is very even-tempered and loves attention, especially from children. Sugar Bear has many Great Pyrenees friends that need adopting. Could you consider a Sugar Bear at your house…yes, they are big dogs, but we are big hearted people. Go to these sites and look at these beautiful animals. northstargreatprys.com, nationalpyr.org, milkandhoneyfarm.com

Sugar Bear, now 12 years old and in great health. We are blessed.

Gentle Gardens and our Great Pyerenees, Sugar Bear. What a special gift she has given us and to those whose lives she touches. She is a real joy and blessing.

Flag Berm

If limited to a single device to lend excitement to yard and garden, choose the berm…it can assume any form from a gentle knoll to a dramatic hill.