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Party Central…gather all of your entertaining items in one place…add the food and open the door.

Shamrock plants, called Oxalis are sold most everywhere, just before St. Patrict’s Day…and they come in white or purple too. Serve Shamrock cookies on Willow House Eyelet Ribbon Plate…dress it up with green Irish ribbon.

Common earthworms in the garden are helpful in aerateing and mixing the soil…there are no native earthworms in MN…

Winter Seed Sowing…a fun new way to start plants without window spaces and grow lights. Plant in repurposed milk jugs and seal with duct tape and put out in the snow…works every time.

The kitchen is a great place to begin collecting valuable items to add to a compost bin v.s. paying for the privilege of having it hauled away!

Flag Berm

If limited to a single device to lend excitement to yard and garden, choose the berm…it can assume any form from a gentle knoll to a dramatic hill.