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Weeding…Yep, that’s a part of what I do.  I like to pull the weeds while they are little and not taking up the moisture and nutrients from  the plants.  Weeds are notorious for showing up when I’ve just turned my back…how is that, I ask.  Must be that they know when I’m looking the other […]

I am a gardener. You can ask my family, my neighbors, my friends and my Great Pyrenees, Sugar Bear. They will all tell you, “Yep, Darlene is a gardener”. Gardening comes from within. I feel healthy in the garden, my mind captures the peace of outdoors and sends calm and silence to my  inner self. […]

Pansies are in season…they are everywhere and brightening up our gray, cold, winter like days. Maybe some snow in the forecast…I refused to take the burlap off of the Magnolia tree…the squirrels like the buds and the buds get frost nipped so easily. Well, just plant pansies and take naps. Soon Gentle Gardens will be taking over the nap time. Happy Pansey Days from Gentle Gardens

Tulips are up at Gentle Gardens…we’re open for business.

Vegetables. Plant them in your garden, in and among other plants, like bulbs. And don’t forget that 4 legged friends love spinach and bean stalks!

Open House for Wagner’s Greenhouse on Penn Ave. in Richfield, MN…learn how the bedding plants get their wonderful start.

Gentle Gardens planted three Lilac Syringa Bloomerang(TM) in 2010. They are zone 5 plants, however, are doing great in MN weather.

‘Walker’ Weeping Siberian Peashrub blooms with bright yellow 1 inch flowers in the spring. Use as a spicemen plant, tolerates poor soils, drought and sweeping winds. Protect from rabbits.

Willow House to Wilmar…garden and deck items for entertaining and garden beautification…plant the Lincoln Village Planters in sucullents, add some small stones and fairy dust…maybe there is a pot of gold in the garden…one never knows.

Home and Garden Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center…a Rite of Spring. It’s an amazing compulatin of vendors hawking for your attention. After 4 hours I was beat…lots of places to rest though, from brightly colored recycled plastic furniture to the wood ones. Lots of ideas and plenty of paper give aways…being conscious of environmental issues, we picked up only a few pieces we were actually interested in…