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Jan. 19, 2015 No Comments Posted under: Gardening Tips

Weeds…what are those. Smile. Even those great Europeon gardens that have full time gardeners have weeds…we can get ride of them with a few simple tactics. In a garden with few weeds the beds and borders are maintained with a little and often approach. Another way to stay on the right side of the weeds […]


Sep. 5, 2011 No Comments Posted under: Gardening Tips

Well, here we are into the first days of Autumn…the days are getting shorter…yes, and the pots of annuals are mostly foliage and very little of that. smile. So, one of my favorite subjects is composting. One great benefit is that by composting yard waste like grass clippings, leaves and organic debris, is that it reduces the amount of material entering landfills. And composting SAVES MONEY! Interested yet? It reduces the need for store bought fertilizer. It is free. Adding compost to the soil means you don’t have to water as often, thus saving on the water bill…and on the earth’s water supply needs.

Hay Bale Gardening

Aug. 20, 2011 No Comments Posted under: Gardening Tips

Straw-Hay Bale Gardening…Mom used to do it. Sometimes the straw would become moldy and we wouldn’t use it for bedding in the barn. What do you do with moldy straw…put it in the garden of course. So, the bales would be used as a border around a part of the large garden, we would water them down in the fall, several times so they would heat up and be conditioned for seedling roots. in the spring, Mom would add soil and composted manure to the top of the bales. Then she would plant tomatoes, 2 per bale, bell peppers, cukes, lots of lettuce and other herbs.

Gentle Gardens has been going through some transformation lately…now that we can breath outside again. With the high temps and the moisture our plants have tripled in size…we need to thin a few and move a few and give away a few. It’s a good thing. All growth has possibilities, and realities too…some of the plants will hit the compost box…they are tired or moldy or broken. And for others, I’m always glad to move plants on to others gardens when I have grown tired of them. They will live on to greet another Gentle Gardener who will care for them and give them new life.


May. 8, 2011 No Comments Posted under: Gardening Tips

The spring is late…but the male House Wren has arrived. He is a welcome song in the garden

Pansies are in season…they are everywhere and brightening up our gray, cold, winter like days. Maybe some snow in the forecast…I refused to take the burlap off of the Magnolia tree…the squirrels like the buds and the buds get frost nipped so easily. Well, just plant pansies and take naps. Soon Gentle Gardens will be taking over the nap time. Happy Pansey Days from Gentle Gardens