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Sep. 5, 2011 No Comments Posted under: Gardening Tips

Well, here we are into the first days of Autumn…the days are getting shorter…yes, and the pots of annuals are mostly foliage and very little of that. smile. So, one of my favorite subjects is composting. One great benefit is that by composting yard waste like grass clippings, leaves and organic debris, is that it reduces the amount of material entering landfills. And composting SAVES MONEY! Interested yet? It reduces the need for store bought fertilizer. It is free. Adding compost to the soil means you don’t have to water as often, thus saving on the water bill…and on the earth’s water supply needs.

Results of the winter seed sowing in milk containers was a success in most of the containers. I think one carton was too dry to germinate very many of the seeds, and one was too wet. For the first time of trying this type of seed planting, I consider it a successful adventure. I think I will try it again next year.

Lasagna Rose Garden

Feb. 15, 2011 No Comments Posted under: Projects

Gentle Lasagna Rose Garden, a fun adventure. Shrub roses are an excellent way to add everblooming clusters of roses from early spring until the first hard frost. Look for disease resistant foliage, and use them among other shrubs and perennials besides a rose garden…they need close to 6 hours of full sun and air for circulation. Have fun with roses.