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I am a gardener. You can ask my family, my neighbors, my friends and my Great Pyrenees, Sugar Bear. They will all tell you, “Yep, Darlene is a gardener”. Gardening comes from within. I feel healthy in the garden, my mind captures the peace of outdoors and sends calm and silence to my  inner self. […]


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Snow, rain, ice on the trees…beautiful pictures…no electricity so time to watch the birds and other life; including Sugar Bear enjoy this MN morning. Be safe on sidewalks and side streets and in dark houses…


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The word cupola is derived from the Latin cupella, meaning small cup, because of their resemblance to an upside down drinking vessel.


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What’s up, doc? Valentines Day that’s what. We received two valentines in the mail…and are so excited about them! Gentle Gardens and Willow House Design Studio is sending out a valentine to you…

Garden Tours

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Willow House and Gentle Gardens are getting ready for spring and summer tours. We’re putting things in order. Come see us. You are welcome!

Blog dedicated to Bob and Sarah at Milk and Honey Farm. This is where Sugar Bear was born and we have been overly blessed to enjoy her gifts for over 11 years. Bob and Sarah have an organic, sustainable lifestyle that shines the light of the Son to all who meet them. Put your name in for a puppy…you will be blessed.

Gentle Gardens had a special adventure in July…to a little cabin home in the North Woods where the brown bears live, the deer are plentyfull and the hummingbirds entertaining. The mornings dawn with red fire over the water, the sky brilliance of robin egg blue; and the morning earth calling for us to Get up…Everybody Up. And so we did, early, coffee on the front porch, watching and waiting breathless as the sun filled the sky. The water was clear and the loons kept popping up in various different locations, we kept trying to guess where we would spot them again.

Language of seeds and love. Deuteronomy 26:9 “He has brought us to this place, and given us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey”. Be a Gentle Gardener by protecting native plants, enriching the soil, strengthening the trees and caring for the wildlife.

Gentle Gardens New Brochure

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Mailing out a new brochure…send an email and you’ve got it. Love from Gentle Gardens

City of Richfield awards the Beautifuication Award to Gentle Gardens!