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Pansies love the sun…then they melt. Go Figure. Once they have bloomed in the spring, shear them low for new growth and fall blooming. Sometimes this works, smile.

Many plants have systemic effects on animals. f you think that your animal is ill or may have ingested a poisonous substance, contact your local veterinarian or call the ASPCA 24-hour emergency poison hotline directly at 1-888-426-4435.

To save Watch and Grow bulbs for another season, take care to continue to water them and give plenty of sunlight so the bulbs can rejuvenate for another bloom season. When the foliage is withered and yellow, the bulbs can be dried and stored for the fall planting. Even with great care, they may not bloom again until the second season. Do Not just plant the container out in the garden as they will need to be planted at their own depth.

Pansies are in season…they are everywhere and brightening up our gray, cold, winter like days. Maybe some snow in the forecast…I refused to take the burlap off of the Magnolia tree…the squirrels like the buds and the buds get frost nipped so easily. Well, just plant pansies and take naps. Soon Gentle Gardens will be taking over the nap time. Happy Pansey Days from Gentle Gardens

Bumper crops need good sunshine, water, nutrients and good soil. Take the time to prepare your garden soil for best results. Happy Gardening from Gentle Gardens

Dirt vs. Soil. Dirt is what you sweep up from the kitchen floor…Soil is the community of living micro organisms and produces the tomatoes and flowers. Gentle Gardens is doing some spring seed sowing with several home school children…we’re looking forward to it…keep in touch.

Tulips are up at Gentle Gardens…we’re open for business.

Vegetables. Plant them in your garden, in and among other plants, like bulbs. And don’t forget that 4 legged friends love spinach and bean stalks!

Health and environmental costs of a well-manicured lawn…

Sunflowers at Gentle Gardens…they are so enchanting…wonder what all they see up there in the clouds…they call to the sun…and to us. Come stay a while in the garden, rest, all is well.