Gentle Gardens used a long tree pole trimmer today…the hedge was out of hand. Smile. Oh well, it looks lots better. We didn’t cut the top off straight…we like to leave them looking natural, just like they grow. That means it’s really a branch by branch pruning. You can only do this if it a small distance from start to finish. A considerable lengthly hedge would be difficult to get the tops approximately the same length. I’ve seen a few of those that look like roller coaster work…they are hard to get back into shape. Always cut some, stand back, look, cut a little more. It’s easier to take more off than to use Gorilla Glue or duct tape if you’ve cut off too much. Now is the time to go after the trees…although today it is warm…wonderful weather.

Miss Piggy modeling the garlands made by the Richfield Garden Club. Isn’t she looking just divine !

Garden Tours

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Willow House and Gentle Gardens are getting ready for spring and summer tours. We’re putting things in order. Come see us. You are welcome!

Gentle Gardens had a special adventure in July…to a little cabin home in the North Woods where the brown bears live, the deer are plentyfull and the hummingbirds entertaining. The mornings dawn with red fire over the water, the sky brilliance of robin egg blue; and the morning earth calling for us to Get up…Everybody Up. And so we did, early, coffee on the front porch, watching and waiting breathless as the sun filled the sky. The water was clear and the loons kept popping up in various different locations, we kept trying to guess where we would spot them again.


Jul. 12, 2011 No Comments Posted under: Gardening Tips, Projects Dial before you dig. Be safe. In Minnesota it is the law to call before digging…know where those utility lines are. Call 811 before digging and get your underground utility lines marked for free and prevent undesired consequences.

Language of seeds and love. Deuteronomy 26:9 “He has brought us to this place, and given us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey”. Be a Gentle Gardener by protecting native plants, enriching the soil, strengthening the trees and caring for the wildlife.

Planting potatoes on Good Friday was a ritual for my Dad. It was a festive time when we had little red potatoes, creamed pea, and sweet corn. Plus, it was a feast!

Results of the winter seed sowing in milk containers was a success in most of the containers. I think one carton was too dry to germinate very many of the seeds, and one was too wet. For the first time of trying this type of seed planting, I consider it a successful adventure. I think I will try it again next year.

Pansies love the sun…then they melt. Go Figure. Once they have bloomed in the spring, shear them low for new growth and fall blooming. Sometimes this works, smile.

Gentle Gardens Tulips. Tulips have the most beautiful centers…Create a zigzag effect by planting multiple plantings in different spaces at least 80-250 bulbs total. Start by planting 10-12 together, a foot or two back from the street. Then plant another similar planting farther back and then 20-30 over there, then a spot of thirty or forty in a different area as you move closer to the house, with a last final splash of eighty or more bulbs right up near the house. You’ll stop traffic…guaranteed.