I am a gardener. You can ask my family, my neighbors, my friends and my Great Pyrenees, Sugar Bear. They will all tell you, “Yep, Darlene is a gardener”. Gardening comes from within. I feel healthy in the garden, my mind captures the peace of outdoors and sends calm and silence to my  inner self.  My gardens are always in transition, constantly changing, and that makes me happy. Gardens set my passions afire.

From time to time, I have a hard time hearing the word “no” or “you can’t grow that here.” Success means meandering through flowers and shrubs, walking through mulch paths, finding unique qualities of specific flower types. Some gardens have color themes, others have sun requirements and still others capture the shade. There are weeping trees, roses, bird houses, and places where the moon dazzles for romping fairies…and much more!

Come to Gentle Gardens and find me there.

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