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In a snow storm...

In a snow storm…

Sugar Bear will be 13 on April 25. This big dog has been a blessing to many…even though we are in the city, she has earned her keep.  Great Pyrenees dogs are used for small animal protection.  They keep the foxes, from the goats, the snakes from the chickens, they prowl the fence lines and make sure that all is well.

Sugar Bear has patroled our fence lines, she chases the large crows that think they can come in and eat at the suet feeder, she has limited the number of rabbits that enjoy our gardens.

Great Pyrenees dogs are also trained to be care givers, serve dogs.  They are rarely inpatient, they want to be near you all of the time, they communicate very well.  Because we are in the city, we have not allowed Sugar Bear to bark for any length of time…most often her communication is with her eyes and body.

Sugar Bear’s big brown eyes can penetrate your soul in a second flat…she is truly a gift from God. She came to us from Go, see more of those beautiful dogs. dj

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