Well, in my little corner of the world…MN…Richfield…we are now considered Zone 5…however, I’m not fooled!  Mother Nature has a way of playing games with us.  Yes, I have planted a few Zone 5 plants in the past and they have survived for a few years and then have perished in the winter’s harsh winds.  I am going to continue to purchase Zone 3 and perhaps go as far as Zone 4 for my Gentle Garden clients…after all I don’t want them to be disappointed.

The issue is time, especially for trees and shrubs.  It takes several years for a tree to be a real asset to the landscaping…imagine waiting for it to be the specimen tree you were always looking for and then have to supersize it’s winter protection year after year.  It’s hard work, wrapping and mulching and etc.  So, my theory, plant Zone 5 perennials and stick to hardy Zone 3 for the trees and shrubs.  Happy Gardening, Gentle Gardeners!


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