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Feb. 26, 2012 No Comments Posted under: Gardening Tips, House Plants

Are your house plants starting to look a little ragged?  Are you vacuuming up lots of leaves.  Are you worried they are too dry or too wet.  Now is a good time to check them over for bugs…yes, bugs.  Are there little flies flying around your plants.  Ah yes, House Plants in the winter. As the light source and intensity changes and/or decreases in winter you may need to consider possible additional light sources, light intensity, temperature and the total room environment. Most indoor plants can handle some changes, but each plant has its own individual cultural requirements, and minor adjustments may need to be made during the winter.

Now is a good time to give your plants a cleaning. Over time indoors the leaves accumulate dust. This slow accumulation of dust does its share to diffuse and block light. This also presents the perfect opportunity to check for any insect pests that might be present, look under the leaves as well as in the soil area. And if, for example, you detect mites or aphids, add a little soap to the water, as it will help suffocate them. As the heat comes on in your house, you may find areas that  dry your plants out quicker. Keep an eye out and adjust your watering accordingly. Remember – Not Too Much.


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