Tooth decay is caused by bacteria which are present in the plaque. This bacteria extracts sugars from the food particles and converts it into lactic acid and stores them in the cavities present in the teeth. This can lead to the decaying of teeth. The bacteria that is present in the dental plaque can cause blood clots in the arteries. When these potentially fatal blood clots are released into the bloodstream, they can induce heart attacks. The formation of plaque in the gums leads to chronic inflammation of the gums, which can also cause inflammation in the walls of blood vessels, thus leading to the accumulation of plaque in the arteries.

There also appears to be quite a complicated connection between diabetes and periodontal disease. How can diabetes, a disorder of blood sugar control, have anything to do with infection in the mouth? People who are diabetic tend not to respond well to infection. They have a reduced ability to fight infections and therefor chronic inflammation of the gums can  make their diabetes much worse.

Brush up: Be healthier in general, have your teeth cleaned, brush often, floss regularly and take care of your teeth…for your heart’s sake.




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