Is your relationship with food standing in the way of health and a healthy heart.  Hearts are muscles and need good nutrition to work well…not just OK but GREAT!  Here are a some ideas about eating that may bring a new life to your heart.

Speed eating is a byproduct of our way of life…fast, fast, fast. And it robs you of the full satisfaction of eating, thus eating more than you want or need. When your brain sees food, smells it and begins the desire of how good it will be…your digestion actually begins. Eating too fast bypasses this digestion process…this effect slows down metabolism and takes away your body’s ability to burn that food as fuel.

What to do…Schedule a time to sit down at the table and savor your food. Take some time to activate a relaxation mood to  signal to your digestion process that “all is well”. Pace how you eat…the more time we take for a meal, the better we are in for a nutritional and calorie burning metabolism state.

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