Winter Interest

Jan. 10, 2012 No Comments Posted under: Gardening Tips

This year Gentle Gardens has enjoyed the term “Winter Interest”. No snow and almost 40 degree temperatures for several weeks in a row has given the gardens a barren look.  Thankfully, I left several seed heads of grasses, black eyed susans , purple cornflowers, ligularia.  I also fenced the pussy willow…which has threatened several time to open. There are several shrubs that still have their red berries…just not cold enough for the birds to desire them.  The heated birdbath is the one that place that has the most traffic…lots of winter interest there.

Burlap jackets surround many of our topiaries and even the magnolia tree… Bark is a sculptural bonus…without snow this year, I’m grateful for the fencing around our shrubs.  Indeed it lots of work; however, replacing shrubs is expensive, labor intensive, and another year of growth lost.

One additional winter interest, thanks to battery candles, are the ice lanterns.  With the glow of little lights that we label “winter lights”, January will soon turn to Spring.

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