Winter Birds

Jan. 7, 2012 No Comments Posted under: Birds, Wild Life

Jury rigged…that’s what I say when I fix something in an unconventional way.  We like to feed the birds outside of our kitchen window in the winter.  This year I hang a basket on a shepard’s hook.  Great…it took about two days for the squirrels to find it.  I tried several different ideas and finally, I cut a hole in a hanging flower pot and hung it unpside down with the wire hook as a shield.  Funny Lady. The squirrel was into the basket before I even closed the screen door. Next I used two small blocks of wood and taped them to the pole with duct tape.  Then I hung the flower pot over the wood.  Still no success.  SOOOOO, this time I took empty bottles and string with wire and pulled them under the pot.  That seems to do the trick…most of the time. We see a squirrel in the basket but not every day as before. Sometimes jury rigging works and sometimes not so much. Smile

I feed the squirrels out at the end of the property to discourage them getting into the bird seed…they eat all of that and come looking for more. They are fun to watch . We have many white squirrels with the red eyes that live in our yard.  Also, a little red squirrel comes occassionally…he chases all of the other squirrels away. He is real quick…sometimes a hawk flys through the yard and the red squirrel hides.

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