Great Pyrenees Dogs…they are called Gentle Giants.  They are also guard dogs…working dogs.  They protect sheep and cattle from predators.  Sugar Bear protects Tom and I from harm…she will stand in front of us when someone comes to our house.  When we indicate to her that it is ok, she will go and lay on her bed and watch us very closely…sometimes only from the corner of her eyes…yet we know she is watching intently.  Sugar Bear is a trained companion dog and we take her to nursing homes and to group homes and to shut-ins.  She is the star for the day…we have to be watchful because everyone wants to feed her…especially popcorn. Smile.  Sugar Bear will be 12 in a few months…and we’ve been thinking about another Great Pry.  We have decided that we will wait until it’s time…some time after our Bear is gone.  We want her to know that we are her people…and we will always care for her needs.  She looks at us with expectant eyes that we will do what is best for her.

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