Jan. 10, 2012 No Comments Posted under: Gardening Tips

Well, it is possible.  With no snow, you can still add mulch to your perennials. It’s a little scary in MN…no snow on January 10 and it is 50 degrees? What gives.  So, if the leaves didn’t get picked up in the fall, go rake them onto your perennials.  Otherwise when it gets cold again, and when the first “January thaw” comes they will push up out of the ground and will freeze.  Or maybe just keep dreaming that we now live in FL or CA and will have this weather all year around…although I’d vote for a little more warmth if this is how it’s going to be…we might as well ask for it all.

The other issue is the pussy willow’s which are in bloom…and tomorrow they will freeze.  Guess I’ll go out and cut them and make an arrangement so at least I don’t lose them all together. What about the Magnolia Tree…it’s not open yet…Hey, Crocues…not yet, not yet.

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