Miss Piggy

Jan. 12, 2012 No Comments Posted under: Gardening Tips

Tom has been talking about painting our front door RED all winter.  So, when he finishes it in the spring. I’m going to show it off with some hurricane lanterns.

Before I can put them out on the porch, I will have to move Miss Piggy back to the farm.  Miss Piggy is all cement and lives in the farm.  However, she looks at me with pleading eyes when it starts getting cold and the leaves are all gone and she is all by herself.  So, I get the wagon and move her to the front where she greets our guests.  She wears a Halloween Hat in October, a Santa Hat in December, a New Years Hat in January…and the beat goes on until she goes back to the farm and she gets her red bandana back.

Gentle Gardens is a place of fun and beauty.  We feed and water the birds, we pray for the white squirrels when they dash out in front of cars and we hold our breaths when the Redtail hawk visits.  It’s a good place to be. Come and share Gentle Gardens with us. You are welcome.

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