Ever thought of adding Bamboo to your garden?  Bamboo can create a wonderful atmosphere, add some elegance and create a tropical look.  A surpising number of evergreen bamboos will tolerate zone 4 and zone 5 winter conditions.

There are two types of bamboo; clumpers and runners.  Yep, you guessed it…the runners are very invasive and can take over a garden.  The clumpers can be grown like the perennial bunch grasses most of us are familiar with. In the spring, new growth arises as bamboo shoots or culms emerge from buds present on underground rhizomes.

A large garden is one criteria for growing bamboo…they can grow to 12-15 feet…that’s a large tropical! Another problem is finding a reasonable source of the plants.  Many of them are rare and can be expensive…do you know someone to barter with?  Hardy Dragon Bamboo, Fargesia dracocephala and Umbrella Bamboo, Fargesia murielae and both hardy to -20F… these are both Clumpers…Runners include: Canebrake Bamboo, arundinaria gigantea, David Bisset Bamboo,Phyllostachys bissettii, Phyllostachy nuda tolerates bitter winter winds, Phyllostachys rubromarginata has red margins on new shoots, Sasa senanensis is leaf hardy to -25.

Look for Bamboo at your favorite nurseries…Enjoy!



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