HEMSOER‘Stella d’Oro’, a daylily that is the work horse of the garden.  Maybe you think it is over used because you find it happily lining the edges of perennial beds along shopping centers and living complexes…well, why not, when you’ve got a good thing, use it.  Landscapers love it, and it remains the first and one of the best performing of the long-blooming day lilies…and it has a place in your garden.

‘Stella d’Oro’ daylilies do well in about any soil as long as it well-drained.  Mulching and extra watering during the long dry summer months will help extend the bloom.  They grow best in full sun but don’t mind partial shade.  Circular yellow flowers form at the top of a leafless stalk called a scape.  Several buds will cluster at the end of the rigid scape, blooming in succession for a long time.  Stellas are a dormant daylily…their leaves die down to the ground naturally and gradully as winter approaches.  Don’t worry, they will be back in the spring, stronger than ever…continuing to brighten your garden with yellow smiles.

Pardon  Me daylily is another long bloomer…red, and it stays open late in the day. Rosy Returns is another…rosy of course.

All Gentle Gardeners love daylily options…there are several long-blooming colors to complement borders of mass plantings, always a spot to sneak one in here and there for that gentle surprise, they make wonderful bulb foliage covers…Happy Day (lily) from Gentle Gardens.


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