All things are symbols: the external shows of Nature have their image in the mind…Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Gentle Garden’s work changes me…my inner world is changed with a greater reality unseen, unheard, perhaps undreamed…that which moves all things in on the inside.  Tom asks me what I think about when I am there weeding; do I hear the squirells chattering, the sound of the soil letting go of the root as it is pulled, do I see the fat worm now exposed, or the ant eggs so cleverly hidden in the tangle of long roots, how do I see…how do I hear.

The voice asks, exactly what are you doing out here? What are you accomplishing? What are you getting out of it…what are you doing with your life? And I respond…setting out to do something with your life is like sitting down to eat a moose…Nobody ever did anything successfully with their life…Instead they did something with their day. Each day. Sunrise is birth. Sleep is death. Each day is your life.  Let the moose run..Eat some strawberries, stake up the gladioluses, smile at the monarch and swallow tail, move the turtle from the middle of the street, water the new tree, drink in the sunshine, be thankful.

(inspired by Paddle Whispers by Douglas Wood)

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