“Each day comes to me with both hands full of possibilities, and in its brief course I discern all the verities and realities of my existence; the bliss of growth, the glory of action, the spirit of beauty.” Helen Keller

Gentle Gardens has been going through some transformation lately…now that we can breath outside again.  With the high temps and the moisture our plants have tripled in size…we need to thin a few and move a few and give away a few.  It’s a good thing. All growth has possibilities, and realities too…some of the plants will hit the compost box…they are tired or moldy or broken.  And for others, I’m always glad to move plants on to others gardens when I have grown tired of them.  They will live on to greet another Gentle Gardener who will care for them and give them new life.

Blessings on your day, Gentle Gardeners…be safe.

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