216px-Qamutik_1_1999-04-01“I think over again my small adventures; my fears, Those small ones that seemed so big; For all the vital things I had to get and to reach, And yet there is only one great thing, The only thing; To live to see the great day that dawns and the light that fills the world”.

-Old Inuit Song

Gentle Gardens had a special adventure in July…to a little cabin home in the North Woods where the brown bears live, the deer are plentyfull and the hummingbirds entertaining.  The mornings dawn with red fire over the water, the sky brilliance of robin egg blue; and the morning earth calling for us to “Get up…Everybody Up”.  And so we did, early, coffee on the front porch, watching and waiting breathless as the sun filled the sky. The water was clear and the loons kept popping up in various different locations, we kept trying to guess where we would spot them again.

Out on the lake, an eagle’s nest and oh, how majestic the male sat tall, still, continually on watch in a tree just beyond the nest.  The Momma eagle sat on a limb just out of reach of the nest where two juvenile eagles waited for the next catch.  We never tired of watch them. Each time we paddled over to their location, we passed water lilies loaded with turtles, sun bathing…without sunscreen.  We would try to get close to them and plop, plop, plop, in they would go into the water.

Gentle Gardens spent time checking out wild flowers; Swamp Milkweed, Prairie Smoke, Turks Cap Lily, Prairie Lily and Sneezeweed.  Many trees too, White Pines were plentiful, whispy, and soft.  The wind gently ruffled the needles and they swayed back and forth.A Kingfisher and Pileated Woodpecker let us see them in flight, but; no pictures please. Smile. The sun was hot on the water, but a nice breeze on shore.

The campfire with marshmallows capped it all off. It was a great break.

(“Qamutik 1 1999-04-01” by Ansgar Walk – photo taken by Ansgar Walk

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