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Sugar Bear with Asiatic Lilies and the Stella d’Oro Daylily

The 2011 garden season is totally unpredictable; first the cold weather kept the annuals from growing.  The Pansies  and Johnny Jump-ups took the show as the Petunias shivered.  Then we experienced two days of such high heat that the leaves of many perennials actually burned.  Back to the cold and the Pansies waving their wonderful smiles; and slowly the annuals began to grow.  A few normal summer days, then two more high humidity and scorching days with no rain…now the  lilies are in bloom.

The farmers market in Minneapolis has a wonderful selection of lilies…Purple d’Oro’ Daylily, (20″) Yellow Lollipop (11″) Black Eyed Stella (13″) Ruby Stella (14″), Happy Returns (16″) and Eerie Weenie  (10″).  These re-bloomers make wonderful borders.  The name DAY is an indicator of how long one bloom lasts…however, a border row can be covered by at least a hundred blooms, generally lasting until October.  The only issue with little or no blooms…lack of sunlight!

The ones mentioned are shorter and therefore don’t hide the plants behind them…they are a lot of bang for your dollars…they grow fast, bloom long and now come in different colors than the yellow d’Oro originals.

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