People are looking for brighter days and warmer weather where ever they can find. One of the greatest ways to bring spring indoors is to purchase forced bulb gardens filled with crocuses, tulips, narcissus and hyacinth.  (Or make your own as pictured at left). Sadly, these plants don’t flower long and we are left with pots of dead plants by the time the first crocuses appears in the garden. Well, they may be withered but they aren’t dead yet. With a little extra work you can save them and give them a second life in your garden, resulting in more value.

Watch em grow bulbs can be planted outdoors, however you need to do several things to make it a successful transition.  First, the bulb garden will continue to need good light, fertilizer and water after it has finished blooming.  This is the crucial period when the bulb is converting light and nutrients into flowers for the next season.  Even the foliage must be kept intact until it withers naturally. (8-12 weeks).  When the foliage is withered and yellow the bulbs can be dried and stored, someplace cool, dry, and dark to plant in the fall sometime in November before the ground freezes. Even after all that care, the bulbs often skip a year of blooming after they have been planted outdoors.

DO NOT just plant the container of bulbs out once the ground is warm, this will not work since the different kinds of bulbs need to be planted at their own depth.  It’s generally why these Watch and Grow planters become compost for other plants in the garden.  That’s what I do.

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