Cheeseburgers, smoking, stress, couch potato.  These are the usual suspects on the list of risk factors for heart disease. But, understanding the root cause of heart disease requires the research of our genes.  Our hearts are not stamped from a mold, they are the product of our life style…ancestors included.

Will Gentle Gardens resolve this global epidemic?  Nope, only to let you know that gardening is wonderful for the heart.  Lots of lifting, bending, pulling, and hard work.  Lots of sunshine and blue sky, songs of peace from the song birds, crickets and frogs.  Gentle Gardens believes that the reason Mom lived physical and mentally well into her 98th year suggests her gardening kept her active and alive, and very happy.  She couldn’t wait to plant the potatoes on Good Friday (zone 5) and watch the rhubarb come up through the composted leaves and then plant the onion sets.  She was a busy lady, often growing vegetables to give away to the City Folks. She loved her life and the garden…Gentle Gardens is a product of her work. Thanks Mom.

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