Willow House is a wonderful experience! The products are always such a huge hit with our friends.  Those who host parties enjoy the free and deeply-discounted merchandise they receive, and have fun in the process. The people they have invited most often want to host their own party.  They get to choose items they want for free or reduced prices just like their friend did. For Tom and I to have a business that we can run in conjunction with Gentle Gardens is wonderfully amazing.  We get to work out of the comfort of own home, it allows us to work based on our schedule and to meet all sorts of fun people too. We plan time for our grandkids and our work with Gentle Gardens…it is something we could not find in conventional workplaces.

Anyone who becomes a part of Willow House and who books parties right away, begins earning income immediately. That’s important! When you begin a business your intention is to earn some type of income, and with Willow House, immediate results makes for a long term business.

Finally, we are proud to represent the mission and vision of Willow House. We represent great products, and a great home-based business, but we are also able to share the mission…A mission that revolves around generosity, hospitality, bringing warmth and beauty into homes all across America, and helping foster these feelings in others. Tom and I are about embodying grace, warmth and simplicity. Our roots keep us firmly grounded in our core beliefs and we share that touch in Gentle Gardens and with Willow House Design Studio.

Be in touch, we’d love to visit with you and and meet you where you are.  It’s a great place to spread words of faith and what Willow House can do for you and others.


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