They are at it again…talking, talking, talking. It’s a blessing to look up through the sunshine to spot the Cardinal in the still barren tree, following my every footstep as Sugar Bear and I wander through the park.  The Finch are changing back to their yellow color…and I almost had a Junco eat from my gloved hand on Sunday afternoon.  The birdbath is still being heated…warm water makes for warm birds as they can puff out like little puff balls if their feathers are clean.

Such great conversations, three large crows landed in the gardens last week…Sugar Bear didn’t approve of  their arrival, she ran after them and when they flew up into the large evergreen tree and yelled at her she gave them a piece of her mind.  It was good.

We love the interaction of birds that come to Gentle Gardens, we can’t wait for the migration of the summer hummingbirds, butterfly and yes, we welcome the bees…it’s always a good summer in Gentle Gardens.

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