Bet you think I’m repeating myself. Smile…I just want to say that it is important to understand that the soil that you put your plants in makes the difference between a bumper crop or one that is scraggly and sparse.  If the soil is high in clay, add gypsum, washed river sand and organic matter, then spade it in so it becomes well mixed. If the soil is depleted in nutrients and too high in sand, add organic mulch like leaves and organically cleaned manure.

While you are at it, all plants need food and water, and sun.  Position you plants where the sun falls for at least 6 hours for vegetables and roses…less for shade plants.  Protect them from harsh wind, hot afternoon sun, and provide a reliable water source.  An effective way to water is through a soaker hose, or a drip irrigation system.  Slow release granular fertilizer is the best way to provide nutrients, and give them at least 3 inches of mulch.  This will also provide some nutrients as it decomposed, it keeps the weeds in check and helps stop the evaporation of moisture.

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