Plant your Pansies!  They are such troopers!  Plant lettuce seeds among them and parsley plants…when you go to pick the lettuce, pick a few pansies to decorate the top of the bowl.  Beautiful and Edible! Enjoy happy and fragrant faces in pots, border beds and in your kitchen garden for edible blooms. You can sow them indoors 8 weeks before last frost, again in midsummer.

Pansies are biannual plants, in MN we grow them as annual…and they last for some time. When it is time to plant the more hardy annuals, put the pansies into the compost pile so they can live on as food for other plants.

Pansies are actually from the ancestor, the viola. The viola has a large genus containing at least 500 species. The names are often used interchangeable and  the many cultivars are mostly hybrids of the same handful of species. There are a lot of similarities, most notably the almost heart-shaped, overlapping petals in bright colors or bi-colors and often with face-like center markings.

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