Friday is Earth Day.  World Wildlife Fund shares 10 ways to protect the earth.

1. Put on a sweater. When you turn up your furnace in wintertime, it is burning fossil fuels.

2. Put one foot in front of the other. Take the light rail, go by bus,  move closer to your workplace, walk to the store, make a supply list and go for several items at once.  Walk, jog, ride a bike, car pool.

3. Go for seconds. Recyling means using things a second or third time around. Plant seeds in milk jugs for the garden. Put junk mail through the shredder and use it for mulch. Recycle your Christmas tree top needles for mulch around acid loving plants, use grass clippings in the compost pile, donate good warm coats to a shelter.

4. Watch your waste. Items you are throwing away may contaminate the soil and water for thousands or millions of years.  Take used oil, batteries, ink cartridges, those new super-effecient lightbulbs to your community disposal plant. Same goes for left over paint, garden insecticides, and over-purchased fertilizers.

5. Paper nor plastic. Bring your bags with you.  Try taking reusable bags to EVERY store, you can cut down on 350 bags the average American uses each year. Reduce needless deaths of marine life caused by plastic bags ending up in streams and rivers. Drop the used plastic bags to a recycle bin, don’t toss them in the trash.

6. BYOB. Last year americans went through about 50 BILLION plastic water bottles.  Fill up a reusable bottle at home and take it with you.

7. Turn off the lights. Dark is soothing.

8. Get in touch with your roots, plant a tree, good for the soil, good for the birds, good for the air your’e breathing.

9. Get off the lists. Catalogs are great when they’re from companies you like to order from…but, if you’re getting them in the orm of  junk mail, call them and tell them to take you off their list.

10.  Support the World Wildlife Fund. They protect endangered and threatened species and preserve their habitats.  Time is running out for many of the animals we love.

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