A party station…Tom and I often entertain in Gentle Gardens…from Ice Cream Socials to friends and neighbors stopping by for a refreshing moment in the sun…or to relax after work…we have finally resolved the hurried rush to gather the entertaining gear together and greet our guests at the same time.  We converted an area in a cabinet (moving my garden books to my office) so we would have most everything we need in one place…all we have to do is add the food and serve.

Willow House provided smooth ideas to make that happen.  I keep the Morningside Caddy stocked with flatware and linens; I just remove the protective pastic wrap and presto, they are ready to go.  The ceramic Gramercy Beverage Serving Set is ready for hot or cold beverages and is a snap to clean up.  The Gramercy Wine Butler is a simple way to hold any vintate…or sparkling cider. A mini loaf bread pan stores all those fun little extras that turn entertaining into an occasion…like umbrellas, stir sticks, glass identification tags and etc.

I’ve added a pretty cutting board ready for a worry-free place to cut up French bread or cheese and fruit.  A storage cube holds non-periahable snacks…easy to carry to the back yard. I’ve added a container with kitchen tools, like an ice cream scoop, a pizza cutter…and the Graymont Party Bucket and Stand are ready for the soda bottles.   A couple of trays, lots of napkins and walla…it’s a fun time in Gentle Gardens. We invite you to come…come, see where the white squirrel lives.

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