Earthworms are a bonus to the organic gardener.  Certain species of earthworm come to the surface and graze on the higher concentrations of organice matter present there, mixing it with the mineral soil.  Soil fertility is aided by the high level of organic matter mixing that the earthworms perform, thus an abundance of earthworms is beneficial to the organice gardener.

When Gentle Gardens used the newspaper in building the Lasagna Gardens…the earthworm activity became quickly apparemt. Earthworms travel underground by the means of waves of muscular contractions which alternately shorten and lengthen the body.  The whole burrowing process is aided by the secretion of lubricating muscus. They also force air through the tunnels as they move.  Earthworm activity aerates and mixes the soil, and is contructive to mineralization and nutrient uptake by vegetation.

NOTE: Earthworms in MN are non-native and considered invasive species and damage forests. (Go to Nature: Invasive Species) Don’t dump your worms in the woods. It’s illegal to release most exotic species into the wild. Be sure to dump fishing bait into the trash, do not release them in the garden.

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