These little guys sure are fun…in the spring and early summer when other birds are busy making nests and raising young these little guys dance and sing across the sky…not a care in the world. In August and September when they are making a nest and raising a family they continue their song…high pitched canary-like…”per-chic-o-ree, per-chic-o-ree”…maybe we could say “potato-chip, potato-chip”.  Smile.

They are so busy in the garden, they love caterpillars, grasshoppers, beetles and insect eggs.  They pull apart thistle plants to eat the seeds…and in our yard, they use Sugar Bear’s fur to line their nests.  In winter they are here in Minnesota but have changed color…from black and yellow feathers, to plain dull-colored ones…in April, their new yellow feathers are back again…enjoy these little guys, they are so-so pretty when there are 8-10 hanging on a Nyjer Thistle feeder…

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