What a wonderful day…it is snowing again. I love a snow storm!  If it weren’t for the flooding down the Mississippi, I would say LET IT SNOW!  The birds are in a feeding frenzy. I don’t know if that means they are hungry, or they are bulking up for a long winter. Smile.  The birds and I had many conversations during the days of winter, and now that it is light in the early morning, they seem to think I too should be up at the crack of dawn to feed and fill their heated water bath. Sometimes they use more as a bathing spa rather than a drinking fountain. I snapped this of the first Robins of spring.

We “planted” our Christmas tree on the patio and tied peanut butter pine cones to its outer limbs.  We filled round household sieves that aren’t deep with sunflower seeds and balanced them on the interior branches. The tree is close to two large shrubs so the birds can fly there with breakfast in their beaks.  It doesn’t take long for the squirrels to find the food and so it seems I need to fill up them twice a day, one in the morning and one around 2:00 pm.


If I am late, they are all waiting in the shrubs…like hungry teenagers, you know, those that have hollow legs. Smile. We have a Finch feeder with Nyjer seed, a fly-through feeder for the Cardinals, a suet log for the Woodpeckers and Nuthatches, and tube feeder for the Sparrows, plus, a feeder of corn for the squirrels.

The Chickadees are bursting with song and I love to return the call of the Cardinals. My head is on a swivel as I follow their movements and listen to the songs. They are so fun, hopping about on one foot, then another…like us they have to keep their balance.  When I heard my first Robin, it was bitter cold out and I was just amazed in their early migration.  I wondered if they were looking for first dibs on a nesting house. See a Wren house that I hung last week because I didn’t want to be too late. Silly me.   Sampson, our sunflower seed cat high is high upon his perch, overlooking Gentle Gardens. The birds eat at his feet-we havent lost one yet.

Growing up on the farm, I knew roosters, hens and pullets…but do you know that chickens are birds too. It’s true! We tend to think of them as dinner, but they are wild birds, just like the blackbirds I heard today. As I walked Sugar Bear in the park, I heard their song for the first time.  They nest in the cattails in the little pond in the park. I’ll bet they were surprised to discover their nesting place still covered with snow.

Happy Birding from the birds at Gentle Gardens.

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