Our Great Pyrenees is a Gentle Giant.  Her Mom’s name was Honey Bear and lived to age 15 at Milk and Honey Farm where we adopted Sugar Bear.   I walk Sugar Bear around a neighborhood and people come out of their houses to greet her.  They hug her and pet her and she looks adoringly up into their eyes.  Her beauty stops people in cars and they ask about her Police offices call her by name and if the school bus driver opens the door for her she will get in.  Many times I had to figure out how to get that big body backed out of the school bus. The kids are ecstatic, and so is Sugar Bear…me, well, I’m invisible. smile. Sugar Bear’s whole goal in life is to give unconditional love.
Anyone who has seen this stunning white dog becomes enamored. She has a strong build, a beautiful, thick coat, and she exudes elegance and majesty. One look and you can see the intelligence and steady temperament. She is obedient and roams our back yard to make sure all is well.  It’s funny how she rarely walks through our Gentle Gardens and is content to be outside with us while we work. Summer time brings out the pool and she spends lots of time enjoying its coolness.
We have taken Sugar Bear to several Care facilities where she has given much love to those who are needing it.  It’s a joy to know that even though she isn’t guarding sheep, she is doing a service to others.  We think everyone should have a life with a Sugar Bear that you’ll find at Gentle Gardens.

PS, why does every biggggggg dog think they are a lap dog…

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