Spread good fortune with a shamrock plant…Oxalis bulbs. If you’ve ever grown a pot of oxalis on the windowsill you know how easy these plants are to please.  But are you also aware that these are some of the best bargains around for containers for decks and porches?  One combo of 50 bulbs will fill ten 8-10 inch ports or create 20 feet of lacy edging around your pation, garden beds or along the sides of a path. Gentle Gardens found them growning in various pots…after the squirrels dug around and rearranged plants to their liking. Smile.

Jaunty oxalis hail from South African or South America, depending on the variety. All types enjoy warm weather and even manage the South’s steamy humidity with ease.  Have you seen purple triangularis leaves?  They are some of the most richly colored in the entire plant kingdom and reason enough to include a generous helping of these in your garden.They are tiny bulbs…Some oxalis bloom during the winter just when an extra helping of color is needed most. Riotous white, pink and purple flowers are delivered with minimal care to grace your patio, porch or sunroom during low sun months. Plant these now and in a short while, your foresight will be apparent to all.

Another fun touch for St. Patrick’s Day is to add a tiny amount of green food coloring to sugar cookies, mix it into the dough and cut into shamrocks.  Serve warm with a glass of milk…tinted green…or not.

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