Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. -Frank Zappa.

The simple act of stepping away from your daily routine gives you a different perspective. It allows a rest of the mind and body as your eyes, ears and brain focuses on different things.  Just a different way to work, or doing the wash on Friday and having a free Saturday puts a bounce in your step. Add some “me” time to your day, it helps in all the other areas of your life.  It can be a long as 10 minutes (lock the bathroom door) or as long as a walk before heading into the driveway.

At Gentle Gardens, Sugar Bear gives me my break, I brush her and talk with her as she looks directly at me. I  take her for walks…sometimes it’s only 10 minutes, other times we wander along at “seconds per hour” and explore every tree and shrub, chase every squirrel, smell every blade of grass…It’s a good time.

Some ideas to re-energize without skipping a beat:  Catch up on Rest. Reverse the chronic sleep deprivation. Forgo caffeine after lunch, read soothing literature, listen to soft music, bypass the news, take a warm bath before bed, drink some warm milk.

Clear the clutter.Maybe all we need is a nice, clear space to work, dedicate some time to organizing your work area, whether it’s the kitchen for baking a cake, the garage for garden tools, or the office cube…lighten the load. Freeing yourself from physical clutter and chaos helps free your mind too.

Go someplace in nature. Take in a hike, climb to a waterfall crest, do some birding, especially now with the migrating birds, visit a wildlife rescure center. Natural settings fill us up with positive energy, connect with something greater than ourselves.

Learn someting new. Take a class or attend an event that you might normally by pass.  Connect with interesting new people who could change your perspective.  New ideas come through exploring wild ideas and the more you learn the more exciting it becomes.

Step out, remove yourself from your daily demands and responsibilities, gain new insight, ideas that allow you to come back all the smarter and stronger.  Enjoy the time.

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