Looking for a shrub that doubles as ground cover?  Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) is a really good one.  This is a deciduous shrub that likes full sun and will tolorate light shade.  It will grow to 6 inches in height and the spread is about 2-3 feet.  Bearberry prefers acid, well-drained sand to loamy sand soil; for good results, add peat moss to the soil if compacted.  This shrub is geared for zone 2-4, where it’s often difficult to find a good ground cover that will thrive in the MN winters.  It isn’t necessarly deer resistant, however;  as it produces small red beries after the pink flowers in the spring.  It turns a maroon color in autumn and is excellent as groundcover under small trees and planting.

Gentle Gardens planted several along the Flag Berm near the street side.  They are low to the ground and tolorate the snow from the snowplow.  They don’t seem to be affected by the salt…this year was a really good test to see if the snow broke any of the branches…they were buried from November to March!  It is sooooooo fun to actually see Gentle Gardens again, however; there is still plenty of snow…today the forcast is 50 degrees…maybe on Sunday all of Gentle Gardens will be open.  That is, if the full moon doesn’t create havic and we have another snowstorm of 17 inches.  (A litttle humor  from Gentle Gardens).Smile.


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