The tulips are up, the tulips are up! More than just poking through…they have leaves! Wow, did we think we’d see this day! So, Gentle Gardens is up and running…open for business. Smile.

If you’re looking for outdoor adventure, let the screen door slam behind you, you’re free. Growing your own vegetables is a healthy challenge. And a way to know what’s local and can be grown in the few months of the growning season that MN has. When picking out seed from the seed racks, be sure to understand how long it will take to get from seed to the table.

Heritage seeds are the best, found in seed catalogs, or your local organic garden store, (or from those wonderful gardeners that save the seeds from year to year).  Get your fingers into the soil and be joyful, proud that you did it all by yourself, with lots of help from the sun and wind and rain.

PS. Do you know that tulips are perennials?

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