The City of Richfield promotes various ways to update the properties and one of those ways is to offer a Richfield Beautification AWARD.  Properties are nominated through friends and neighbors and a committee of Master Gardeners review and evaluate each property based on specific criteria…

Gentle Gardens provides the first round of review to the properties and has the opportunity to visit with the homeowners and see the wonderful work that they put into their yards and gardens.

Some of the criteria:
What style is the landscape design…cottage gardens, formal gardens, entertaining areas, etc.
How does the design look overall in relation to the buildings
Do the plants look healthy and well cared for
Are there invasive species used…ie buck horm shrubs, multiflora roses, etc.
Is the landscaping original or updated
Was the landscape designs professionally installed or by the homeowner

Gentle Gardens won the award for several years…after winning the award 3 times the property is not elegable for several years…we are pleased to pass the opportunity around…



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