Tree Roots are close to the surface and therefore planting a garden on top of the roots means that the layering system must be only about 4 to 6 inches deep.  Using a garden hose as a design tool, lay it around the tree to gage the size of the garden…a circle that is tiny around a large trunk gives a top-heavy appearance to the garden.  After being satisfied with the design, begin to lay down the wet newspaper…several inches thick. (The worms are grateful for this mulch to give them a cool wet environment to crawl in).  Add composted leaves or straw to the top of the paper.  After this has been spread around, begin adding a mixture of soil as the planting medium.  We used a 6 inch ruler and measure the depth around the whole area…we sure didn’t want to lose out ash tree!  We let it settle over night and in the morning with the greeting of the day, we merely pushed aside the soil and dig in our plants.  We watered them in and wallah…a new garden was born.

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