This was our first project…created in 2003.  We created a berm of fill material (donated by a neighbor who was building a patio)and then hauled in 7 yards of composted soil to layer on top.  This berm is located at the base of the front yard, with the street and driveway on two sides.  In deciding what to plant we took into consideration that all plantings would be subject to both salt and snow…we researched several ideas and began with the top side that can be seen from the house…we like natural objects and an old limb that resembles the Loch Ness Monster fit perfectly to give the berm unusual character.  Add to that a white rock that was gifted to us to enhance old Lock Ness.

New plantings incorporated evergreens, lilies, small shrubs and taller perennials.  Since 2003, a flag pole has been added, a mother’s day peony and other showy plantings.  The last addition in 2009; a split leaf Tiger Eye Sumac provides another color and texture plus a more airy feeling. That is, if I can keep the rabbits away.

This picture is taken from the street looking up to the house…where our Great Pyrenees, named Sugar Bear is checking out the neighborhood.  Sugar Bear’s breed comes from the Pyrenees Mountains where they were court dogs of empires along the mountain ranges between France and Spain.  Now they are wonderful sheep and cattle herding dogs…and Sugar Bear earns her keep by going to Care Centers…she is our gentle giant. When you come to see our Gentle Gardens you will be greeted by her and she will expect a kind word and a pet or two! We found Sugar Bear at Milk and Honey Farm in Cokato, MN

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