Heritage Garden

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Wow, the Flag Berm looked so good…how do we update more of our front yard…do we really want a flat, green lawn…maybe we could soften that with a few flowers…because the foundation area was mostly shade…do we want to have a background of hosta and then plant annuals every year?  The majestic evergreen at the edge of the yard provides priviacy…if it were to blow down…(like old trees do) our house would be right out in the open…when we look out the picture window, all we would see is the street…can we soften that view?  After several considerations (sun and shade, dry conditions…that meant watering) we came upon a great way to honor Mom who had gardened up to her 97th year…let’s make a  Gentle Heritage Garden Berm in her honor!

A berm would soften the view from the window, it would also provide additional privacy  and because we had about 6 hours of sun we could use flowering plants and create color.  An egrees window provided the fill to shape the berm and more yards of composted soil was hauled in (dumped in the driveway) and spread over the gravel and sand to make a plantable medium.

Walker in bloom

Mom lived in US Zone 5, therefore, we would need to find plants that would be safe in our minus 30 below winters.  We came up with a weeping pea shrub named Walker as our speciman tree for the top of the berm.  This gave us the depth to stager various heights of plants on the berm.  We made a list of Mom’s Iowa garden and by using some substitutes that were similar in species we were able to create a garden much like hers…roses, flocks, iris, sedem, bleeding hearts and tiger lilies, hens and chickens, and more.

We’ve added a Mother Goose who looks over the garden, a bird house where the wrens build a nest in the spring and then build a second nest in the back yard…it’s a grand time when the flowers bloom. Smle.

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