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House Plants

Feb. 26, 2012 No Comments Posted under: Gardening Tips, House Plants

House Plants in winter…it’s that time when they start looking a little ragged. As the light source changes; consider different lighting options. Maybe the temperature now is very drying for the plants. Are your house plants dusty…clean them by a light wiping with soap and water…and check the undersides for bugs. Because of the heat they may be drying out too fast…keep them watered, but not tooooooooo much. Good Luck from Gentle Gardens.

What a fun topic. I have a Christmas Cacti that was my Mom’s. She gave me a slip over 45 years ago. That was at a time when I really didn’t know anything about anything…except her plant was so pretty when it bloomed…large pink blooms, mostly around Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, she let me know, was because she didn’t have a dark closet to put it in for most of the day hours. I laughed. Who is going to go that? Plenty of people, I guess, because there are always Christmas Cacti blooming at Christmas.